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The Fermenta Executive Board Elections take place at Fermenta’s annual Anniversary Party

Election Process:

  • Only Fermenta Active Members can vote for Board Members and run for a Board Member position.
  • Voting only takes place at the Anniversary Party.
  • You do not need to be present at the Anniversary Party to run or be nominated.
  • If you are interested in running, you must fill out an election form. This form will be uploaded to the website two months prior to the election.
  • In order to run, you must have one Active Member nominate you and one Active Member second that nomination.
    • They can nominate or second the nomination via email, phone, or in person. 
  • The elections committee will tally the votes and announce the Executive Board at the end of the Anniversary Party.

Board Member Duties:

  • Board members meet on a monthly basis in person or on conference calls. Fermenta is very flexible and willing to make meeting schedules around your personal schedule.
  • If elected, you will shadow the current Board member until January of the next year. This way, you are familiar with the duties of the board member.
  • To see an outline of each position’s specific duties, please click here.

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